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Read the latest inspiration and advice from the team here at Sloomy, with interior design and style tips, the latest bedroom fashions and much more. We scout the latest trends across interior and bedroom design, including new fabrics, colours, shapes and storage styles to help shape our bedroom furniture range and influence our new bed and headboard designs. Get up to speed to drive your next bedroom furniture makeover.

Ottoman vs Divan Beds: Which Is Best For You?

Discover the key differences between divan beds and ottoman beds. Explore their storage options, comfort levels, designs, and pricing to make the best decision.

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How Often Should You Change Your Mattress?

Discover how often you should change your mattress for optimal sleep quality. Learn the signs it's time for a new mattress and tips for prolonging its lifespan.

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Why A Divan Bed Is A Wise Investment

Take a read through our dedicated Divan Bed blog and learn more about how a Divan Bed could be an incredibly wise long term investment. 

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How to Clean Your Headboard: Our Expert Guide

Bring your headboard back to life with our expert tips. Get your bedroom looking fresh and stylish once again.

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What Is The Best Mattress For Back Pain?

See how a brand new mattress and our expert tips can help you tackle back pain so you can feel the very best version of you.

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Statement Headboards: Add Personality to Your Bedroom

Get inspired by Sloomy's statement headboard range and give your home a stylish makeover with one of our headboard favourites.

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Sleeping into 2024: Latest Bedroom Design Trends Unveiled

If you're keen on design trends, here's a sneak peek into the world of bedroom design. From the core of interior design to the social media buzz, a myriad of styles, colours, and furnishings awaits to spark your creative interest.

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Lillian Race

Sleep and the Senses: How Scents Enhance Your Bedtime Ritual

Discover how to enhance your sleep this Winter with Scents. Calm your senses and bring in the festive cheer this Christmas with our guide on sleeping scents.

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Lillian Race

Customised Comfort: A Look at Our Bespoke Build Your Bed

We take a deep dive into our unique Build Your Bed service, where you can tailor and configure to create the truly bespoke bed of your dreams. Find out how.

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Andy Reilly

Routines to Help Little Ones Sleep this Summer…and our favourite bedtime stories

Help your Little Ones Sleep this Summer with our tips and Routines, with some of our Favourite Bedtime Stories to help settle your children to bed.

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Lillian Race