Divan Bed Sets

Our Divan Bed Sets are a full package of comfort and restful sleep, blending seamless luxury, ingenious design, and unmatched value. 

Our handpicked bed sets bring together a comfortable mattress, sturdy bed frame, and elegant headboard into one beautiful package. Everything has been included, making them ideal for those who value quality, comfort and convenience for an amazing price that brings affordable luxury to everyone.

Benefit from integrated drawer storage that seamlessly slides into the bed base, to help you enjoy a clutter-free living space with everything within reach. Combined with our range of supportive, quality mattresses and padded headboards, we’re proud of all of our divan bed sets.

For the same price as a mattress from some stores, you can benefit from a full bedroom set, with mattress, headboard and integrated storage for a complete luxury bed set. We never compromise on quality - every Divan Bed Set is handmade to order, to the same high standards as our full range of premium beds, ensuring that you enjoy a plush sleep experience. From the intricate stitching on the headboards to the resilience of the mattress, every detail is a testament to our commitment to quality.

Enjoy our range, and find more detail about our designs and details with a detailed summary of this new bed set range. We have been making beds for over 10 years for all of our UK customers, and being a family-run business means we pay attention to all of the details.

We also offer fabric samples, so you can feel the texture, quality and experience the rich colours of fabric that we use to hand upholster all our beds. Simply select up to 5 fabric samples and we will send them out for you to enjoy.

Finally, if you’re not sure exactly what bed is best for you, or have any questions at all about our range, sizes, materials or storage, please get in touch today with our team who will be happy to help.

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