When you order from Sloomy, we want you to be confident that everything you buy will be perfectly comfortable for you. We know that every customer is different, in how they sleep, what they find comfortable and appealing, and what support they need in their sleeping space.

We offer a range of mattresses to suit many different types of sleep and comfort, and have detailed a guide to mattresses below so you can be fully informed when you consider your next purchase or upgrade.

Mattress Size Guide - Standard UK Sizes

All our mattresses are made to standard UK mattress sizes, so you won’t have any problems with non-standard mattresses, as some stores offer. All of our mattresses will fit into our range of beds perfectly.

The standard UK mattress sizes we sell measure:

Imperial SizesMetric Sizes
Single3ft x 6ft 3in90cm x 190cm
Small Double4ft x 6ft 3in120cm x 190cm
Double4ft 6in x 6ft 3in135cm x 190cm
King Size5ft x 6ft 6in150cm x 200cm
Super King6ft x 6ft 6in180cm x 200cm

that the Imperial and Metric sizes are very close to each other, but are not precise equivalents.

For some help on choosing the best mattress for you, we’ve summarised our guidance below with further information.

Mattress Types

Mattresses used to be simple, with only 1 or 2 different types, but in recent years technology, manufacturing and materials have come on leaps and bounds. There are now a number of different fillings you can opt for for a mattress, all with different properties, comfort and feel when you sleep on them.

We’ve summarised the main types below, so you can get familiar and know your pillowtop from your pocket sprung.

Pocket Sprung

One of more popular types of mattress, a pocket sprung mattress contains many individual springs in small, separate fabric pockets - this is where it gets its name. The pockets are stitched together, offering individual cushioned support while being connected, moving together to provide a superior level of comfort.

They can contain several thousand springs - 1,000 - 2,000 and above is common, the more springs they contain, the more comfortable the mattress will be, generally speaking.

Pocket sprung mattresses can offer excellent orthopaedic support, with all the pocket springs working independently - great for spine support. Because the springs are in individual pockets, then you will experience less motion transfer - that is, movement on one side of the mattress won’t affect the other, so double sleepers can be largely undisturbed by the other person.

They have excellent durability due to the heavy duty construction with many thousands of springs within. This can mean they are usually heavier than other mattresses and can be very difficult to move with one person, so bear that in mind for any deliveries or removals you may need.

They are usually quite cool, as the pockets allow for airflow through the mattress and many are naturally hypoallergenic, making them more difficult for dust mites and allergens to accumulate in the mattress.

Open Coil / Standard Sprung

Also known as a ‘standard sprung’ mattress, an open coil mattress features springs within to offer comfort and support, but these are not enveloped in fabric pockets. Instead, they are all connected and work together to offer cross-bed cushioning and support.

They are usually thought of as the ‘classic type’ of mattress, as have been used for many years in the past. Recent advancements in technology has meant they are made efficiently, which usually means a lower cost than many other types of more modern mattress.

They can still feature many thousands of springs, so offer great support across the full area of the mattress. These are usually more lightweight than other types of mattress, so they weigh less and can be turned easier.


As technology has advanced in designing and making mattresses, so have the materials which can be used for filling and stitching. Cashmere mattresses incorporate real cashmere wool in the material of the mattress, which offers unbeatable comfort and warmth, while still being breathable.

Cashmere can be knitted into the fabric cover of the mattress, so when sleeping you benefit from the softness and warmth that this natural wool offers. For those that feel the cold, a mattress with cashmere in it can make a real difference in the colder months, so certainly consider one for your next mattress upgrade.

They are usually available as pocket sprung mattresses, so benefit from soft support from individual pockets springs, with the cashmere material surrounding to provide the natural feeling that only wool brings.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses consist of soft, cushioning foam, with no springs or steel contained within. The foam is usually a polyurethane foam, known as memory foam for its unique properties in how it shapes and supports.

Memory foam mattresses mould to the shape of the person laying on them, so the foam will support all the contours of your body and give you that ‘sinking in’ feeling. It returns back to its normal shape when you get up. The foam will move to account for every contour of your body, supporting your weight evenly and reducing pressure points. These mattresses are great if you need support around any sensitive areas, such as shoulders or neck.

As the mattress is a solid, single piece of foam, it will absorb all movements and minimise motion transfer, reducing any disturbance across the mattress which is great for double sleepers. They are usually quite light and easy to move, and being a single piece with no moving parts, they are usually more durable than other types of mattresses with a longer lifespan.

Memory foam is also known for retaining heat, and can help to keep you warm during the night, great for those that feel the cold during the Winter months.


A more recent development, pillow top mattress add a touch of extra luxury with sumptuous comfort and cushioning. They feature an extra layer of cushioning across the top, which is stitched onto the top of the mattress and looks like some pillows have been added, hence where it gets its name.

The extra layer is made of a soft material, it can be memory foam, cotton, wool or down, and is added to be a few inches deep, so you experience the soft cushioning above the lower layers of pocket spring or foam.

One of the more luxurious choices of mattress, a pillowtop can be one of several types, the name only refers to the top layer. This is stitched onto the mattress, so can’t be removed, and the mattress will only sit one way up, with the pillowtop cushioning facing up.

Pillowtops undoubtedly offer one of the most comfortable and luxurious night’s sleep, offering extra support for the head, neck and shoulders, improving spinal alignment, sleep quality and a better overall sleep experience.


One of the most modern types available, hybrid mattresses use the latest in design and manufacturing technology to combine two popular types of mattress into one single mattress.

Most current hybrid mattresses do this by combining both pocket sprung and memory foam layers. With two separate layers, the pocket spring layer is usually on the bottom half of the mattress, providing the firm support that they are known for and giving a well supported base to the mattress.

The top layer of the mattress is usually then made of memory foam. This can vary in thickness, from a few inches deep to being 50% of the mattress depth. There are many different brands that currently make their own hybrid mattresses, and no two are the same. Some insert additional layers of material as well, such as cooling foam or gel layers to help the mattress breathe more easily. They are usually the most expensive option of mattress given the use of new technology and the length manufacturing process.

Mattress Firmness

Mattresses come in a range of firmness levels, which you will always find stated clearly when browsing or shopping for mattress online or in-store. We have detailed the three main types of firmness below.

There are also mixed firmness types within these, such as ‘medium/firm’ which offer a halfway point between medium and firm, for example. ‘Extra firm’ and ‘Extra Soft’ types are also available, which offer additional firmness and softness for these two types.

Soft Mattress Firmness

A soft mattress has the most sink when sleeping on it, you will soften into the filling more and get that ‘sinking in’ feeling, much moreso than the other mattress types. Some people love this level of comfort, they are perfect if you only like a light, gentle level of support and a soft feel to your bed.

Medium Mattress Firmness

The most popular choice of firmness, a medium mattress will sink less than soft mattresses, as you would expect. They still experience some sink, but offer a medium level of firmness and support and are comfortable and accommodating most body shapes and sizes. They are a good middle ground for those who like a balance between soft and firm.

Firm Mattress Firmness

For the most support, a firm mattress is the best type to explore. They offer a very strong, solid surface on the top of the mattress, with very little sink at all. They offer the most support and are usually called orthopaedic mattresses, as they excel at providing comfort for those with sensitive joints or areas that need firm support, such as the back and shoulders.  If you’re a fan of a softer, more luxurious sleep, then you may not enjoy sleeping on a firm mattress, so carefully consider the level of firmness that is important to you before making a decision.

If you have any questions about any of our mattresses, whether about the type, materials, filling or firmness, please get in touch today and our team will be happy to assist you.

We want you to be 100% comfortable and confident in your next mattress purchase, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.