Discover a world of exquisite headboards, meticulously crafted in our Yorkshire factory by our team of master craftsmen. Luxurious, durable, and cosy, each piece is a fusion of traditional artistry and cutting-edge techniques, offering you fantastic headboards at unbeatable prices.

Indulge in a selection of designs ranging from chic urban styles to sleek, modern lines that redefine sophistication. When it comes to choosing the perfect headboard to elevate the style of your bed, our collection offers a diverse range of luxurious fabrics and trendy colours to choose from that will beautifully match your bedroom decor.  

Dive into our selection of headboard styles, featuring Struts and Floor Standing options, each designed to add a touch of elegance and personality to your bedroom.  

With over a decade of experience serving our customers, our family-run business ensures meticulous attention to detail in every piece we create. Explore our headboard range today and if you have any questions, our team of experts will be more than happy to help.

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When it comes to deciding if your bed needs a headboard, the answer depends on your personal preference and the style you want to achieve in your bedroom. Headboards not only add a decorative touch but also provide support for your back and neck when sitting up in bed. 

They can transform the look of your bed and overall bedroom aesthetics, making it more stylish and inviting. If you enjoy reading, watching TV, or simply relaxing in bed, a headboard can certainly enhance your comfort, especially when upholstered with a luxurious fabric.

So whilst your bed doesn’t ‘need’ a headboard, the addition of one comes entirely down to personal preference and your needs. Headboards certainly bring various benefits and added style, but your bed doesn’t necessarily need one to function.

There is a wide range to choose from to match your existing decor effortlessly. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant colours or subtle and neutral tones, you can find headboards in various shades to complement your bedroom decor perfectly. From classic hues to trendy colours, the choice is yours to create the desired ambience in your bedroom.

When it comes to the size of headboards, you can typically find options that fit different bed sizes, ranging from single to king-size beds. Whether you have a compact single bed or a spacious king size, there are headboard sizes available to suit your specific needs. 

Cleaning a fabric headboard is relatively simple and can be done with regular maintenance. To clean a fabric headboard, start by vacuuming it to remove dust and debris and then for any stains or spills, use a mild detergent mixed with water to spot-clean the affected areas. Just ensure that you avoid using harsh chemicals. 

The ideal height for a headboard above the bed varies based on personal preference and the size of the bed. Typically, for a double bed, headboards are positioned around 14 inches above the mattress, whilst for queen and king beds, they usually sit between 28 to 60 inches off the mattress. 

However, specific measurements can be tailored to individual needs and comfort preferences. If you need assistance with determining the perfect height for your headboard, feel free to reach out to us for personalised guidance and support. 

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4.5 Rating 129 Reviews

William Race

Verified Customer

Absolutely fantastic. Great price and service, delivered within days of ordering. Can't fault it. I will definitely order from again in the near future. Love my bed.

4 days ago

Wendy Leamon

Verified Customer

Sloomy provided quick confirmation and updates of delivery. Delivery was great - kept informed of estimated timings and updated if they changed. No fuss and speedy unloading

7 days ago

Cathy Desir

Verified Customer

The guys were pleasant and efficient . Bed very comfortable and excellent price.. I’d definitely recommend your company to my friends and family. Thanks so much.

8 days ago

Isobel Green

Verified Customer

The bed I bought from this company is absolutely beautiful, comfortable and I highly recommend!

8 days ago


Verified Customer

Friendly attentative staff. Great price on Silk 1000 Mattress. Delivery bang on the time stated. Highly recommend. Well worth a visit

9 days ago

Leah Gilbert

Verified Customer

Bed feet, divan clips and headboard screws were missing from delivery. Had to order bed feet and clips from Amazon so that my son had a bed to sleep in. Sloomy refunded me which was fine. I then asked for headboard screws to be sent to me. It's now been 4 weeks and I still haven't received them and Sloomy won't respond to my emails. I guess I'll need to order them elsewhere and pay for them myself!

13 days ago

Rachel Chronnell

Verified Customer

Installation was disappointing. Felt quite uncomfortable with the gentleman… and then he just left all the wrappings which was not stated . Not the service I expected

18 days ago


Verified Customer

Good bed, price quality, delivery in 8 days !

21 days ago

Gary hodges Hodges

Verified Customer

The service was second to none I was kept informed from day one about delivery I received my bed within 7days from the day I ordered it got a call from a nice 2days in to tell me when it would arrive The delivery driver and mate was really good makes a change to get really got customer service WELL DONE

29 days ago


Verified Customer

Very happy with my purchase I ordered a single and a double excellent delivery and customer service kept up to date with delivery times ?

1 months ago