What is The History Behind the Ottoman Bed?

The history of the Ottoman bed is deeply intertwined with the rich cultural tapestry of the Ottoman Empire, which spanned from the 14th to the early 20th century, covering regions that include modern-day Turkey, the Middle East, and North Africa. 


The original Ottoman furniture consisted of upholstered benches or long seats without arms or backs, often used as the main seating in homes and plumped up with cushions. These low, bench-like pieces featured hinged interior storage. Over time, larger and higher pieces were developed, with deeper cavities, forming the basis for the modern Ottoman bed design. 


As ottoman furniture made its way to Western Europe in the late 18th century, its design evolved further and was adapted, reflecting the changing tastes and requirements of the time. This period marked the beginning of the ottoman's journey from a simple, cushioned platform to a multifaceted piece of furniture that could serve various functions within the home. 


The modern ottoman bed is a direct descendant of this historical lineage, combining the traditional ottoman's versatility and storage capabilities with the comfort and functionality of a bed.


Ottoman beds today are celebrated not only for their practicality but also for their aesthetic appeal. Available in various styles, colours, and materials, they can complement any bedroom decor, from the minimalist to the luxurious. The evolution of the ottoman into the ottoman bed exemplifies how historical design can be reimagined to meet contemporary needs, offering a blend of style, comfort, and functionality that continues to make it a popular choice for modern interiors. 

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What is An Ottoman Bed?

Ottoman beds are ideal for maintaining a tidy bedroom by storing items like towels, bedding, and linens such as sheets, and pillows. They are particularly beneficial for smaller spaces in modern homes and apartments where making the most out of your space is essential. 


The design of ottoman beds allows for versatile options in terms of colours, fabrics, and even their opening mechanisms. They come in various sizes, colours and materials to match any bedroom decor. They’re also available as either side or end lift options to suit different bedroom layouts. Ottoman beds provide more storage capacity than divan or drawer beds since they utilise all the available space under the bed making them highly practical for individuals with limited space in their bedrooms or those looking to store larger items.

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Are Ottoman Beds Easy to Lift?

Some may worry that if they get an ottoman bed, they will struggle to lift it. However, most models come with hydraulic mechanisms which take the weight of the mattress, allow for smooth lifting, and hold the lid open at its highest point.


The easy-lifting mechanism means that ottoman beds are also suitable for older people, people with muscle weakness or limited mobility, and even older children. Having a bed that doubles as a toy chest is another great way to cut down on clutter!


Ottoman beds are easy to lift, thanks to the gas pistons that make lifting the bed frame effortless. This feature allows for smooth and controlled lifting of the platform, making it effortless to store and retrieve items.

Side Lift or End Lift?

The perfect ottoman bed for you will ultimately come down to the shape of your bedroom, and your personal preference. Both side and end lift ottoman beds offer the same space-saving features and stylish finishes but differ by the way they lift open. End lift ottoman beds operate from the foot of the bed, whereas the storage space inside side lift ottoman beds is easily accessed by lifting the bedframe from the side. The majority of ottoman beds are powered by gas-lift hydraulics, meaning minimal effort is required to access the storage within the bed.


Side lift ottomans are generally better placed against walls. Since the lift top runs along the bed’s length, it can open fully without being obstructed by a wall, allowing you to access the extra space from the side that extends into the room.


On the other hand, end-lift ottomans are ideal for floating beds that don’t sit against any walls with just the headboard against the wall. Since the foot of the bed is accessible, you can easily open the lift top without any clearance issues.

In Which Sizes Are Ottoman Beds Available?

Single Ottoman Beds (90cm x 190cm): Single ottoman beds, measuring 90cm x 190cm, are ideal for smaller bedrooms where space is limited. They offer efficient storage space without compromising on comfort, making them perfect for individuals or children's rooms.

Small Double Ottoman Beds (120cm x 190cm): Small double ottoman beds, sized 120cm x 190cm, are a great choice for those looking for a balance between space-saving design and comfort. They provide more room than a single bed but are still suitable for compact spaces.

Double Ottoman Beds (135cm x 190cm): Double ottoman beds, measuring 135cm x 190cm, offer ample space for couples or individuals who prefer more room to stretch out.

King-size Ottoman Beds (150cm x 200cm): King-size ottoman beds, with dimensions of 150cm x 200cm, are perfect for larger bedrooms where space is not a premium. They offer luxurious sleeping space and generous storage capacity, making them ideal for those who prioritise comfort and style.

Super King Ottoman Beds (180cm x 200cm): Super King ottoman beds, measuring 180cm x 200cm, are the largest option available. These beds are well-suited for spacious bedrooms and provide so much space to spread out in. 

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Create Your Own Empire

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The Dior Ottoman Bed is a standout choice known for its contemporary design, featuring a stylish headboard and winged Chesterfield style.

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