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Mayfair Divan Bed Set | Upholstered Classic Style | Sloomy
Mayfair Divan Bed Set | Upholstered Classic Style | Sloomy
Mayfair Divan Bed Set | Upholstered Classic Style | Sloomy
Mayfair Divan Bed Set | Upholstered Classic Style | Sloomy
Mayfair Divan Bed Set | Upholstered Classic Style | Sloomy
Mayfair Divan Bed Set | Upholstered Classic Style | Sloomy

Sloomy offers an installation service, should you wish to take advantage of this option then please apply at Checkout.

Mayfair Divan Bed Set

Our Mayfair Divan Bed Set features luxury upholstery in a classic style for the ultimate style & sophistication. In 5 sizes, 4 fabrics & 20 colours.

  • Single
    Single First
  • Small Double
    Small Double £31.20
  • Double
    Double £31.20
  • King
    King £57.60
  • Super King
    Super King £99.60
  • No Storage
    No Storage
  • 2 Drawers Left Side
    2 Drawers Left Side £36
  • 2 Drawers Right Side
    2 Drawers Right Side £36
  • Struts
    Struts First
  • Floor Standing
    Floor Standing £27.60
  • Naples - Slate
    Naples - Slate First
  • Naples - Mink
    Naples - Mink First
  • Naples - Silver
    Naples - Silver First
  • Naples - Blue
    Naples - Blue First
  • Naples - Black
    Naples - Black First
  • Naples - Beige
    Naples - Beige First
  • Linen - Truffle
    Linen - Truffle First
  • Linen - Silver
    Linen - Silver First
  • Linen - Grey
    Linen - Grey First
  • Linen - Black
    Linen - Black First
  • Linen - Beige
    Linen - Beige First
  • Plush - Cream
    Plush - Cream First
  • Plush - Black
    Plush - Black First
  • Plush - Pebble
    Plush - Pebble First
  • Plush - Mustard
    Plush - Mustard First
  • Plush - Mink
    Plush - Mink First
  • Plush - Steel
    Plush - Steel First
  • Plush - Emerald
    Plush - Emerald First
  • Plush - Silver
    Plush - Silver First
  • Plush - Blush
    Plush - Blush First
  • Plush - Navy
    Plush - Navy First
  • Dumfries - Steel
    Dumfries - Steel First
  • Dumfries - Sapphire
    Dumfries - Sapphire First
  • Dumfries - Raven
    Dumfries - Raven First
  • Dumfries - Latte
    Dumfries - Latte First
  • Dumfries - Gold
    Dumfries - Gold First
  • Dumfries - Graphite
    Dumfries - Graphite First
  • Dumfries - Mink
    Dumfries - Mink First
  • Dumfries - Pewter
    Dumfries - Pewter First
  • Dumfries - Olive
    Dumfries - Olive First
  • Dumfries - Mustard
    Dumfries - Mustard First
  • Diamantes
    Diamantes First
  • Matching buttons
    Matching buttons First
  • Chelsea Mattress
    Chelsea Mattress First

Order Summary

  • Bed size -
  • Headboard -
  • Storage -
    No Storage
  • Mattresses -
    Chelsea Mattress
  • Fabric & Colour -
    Plush - Steel
  • Buttons -
    Matching buttons
Total Price £318.00 VAT incl.

Sloomy offers an installation service, should you wish to take advantage of this option then please apply at Checkout.


The Mayfair Divan Bed

Our Mayfair Divan Bed Set combines timeless, classical style with elegant clean design. This luxury upholstered bed is handcrafted by our skilled carpenters and upholsterers in our Yorkshire factory, featuring a design with padded cushioning and hand stitched buttons throughout.


Featuring a bold design, the striking upholstered panels make a strong statement in any room. Inspired by the classic chesterfield look, the Mayfair Divan combines modern style with hand finished button detailing, to combine classical features with clean lines and a soft,  contemporary feel.

For support, the bed contains a high quality solid base for the ultimate in comfort, standing proudly on hardwood varnished feet. A full fabric base continues the classic style all around, framing the bed beautifully, no matter what fabric or colours you opt for. 


All our Divan beds offer configurable storage options. They can come without storage, or with multiple drawers integrated into the base underneath. These easily slide out and offer a massive storage space, so you can make the most of your bedroom even if space is tight. The divan drawers are perfect for storing bedding, clothes, linen, towels. They slide seamlessly into the body of the bed, so don’t affect the design or style, and slot in perfectly. 

Choose from no drawers, 1 or 2 drawers for single beds, or 1 to 4 drawers for larger sizes going from double right through to super king. The drawers can be customised to choose which side they open on, either left, right or both depending on your preferred access, space around the bed and how much storage you would like.

Chelsea Mattress

The Chelsea mattress is made in the UK by us at Sloomy, we are a renowned British Furniture Manufacturer member and recognised for outstanding product quality and service by Trading Standards.

The mattress is 23cm thick and features a 13.5 gauge open coil spring unit, supported with a rod edge frame to provide strength and durability. Topped with a luxury memory foam layer, delivering excellent pressure relief. Filled with layers of quality traditional fillings to ensure a refreshing and comfortable sleep with a medium comfort.

Finished in a luxurious soft knitted fabric cover with a ‘cool touch’ quilted finish and side stitched border.

  • Top Layer of Luxury Memory Foam

  • 13.5 Gauge Open Coil Spring Unit

  • Supported with a Steel Rod Edge Frame

  • Medium Comfort Support

  • Traditional Fillings

  • Soft Knitted Fabric Cover with a Quilted Finish

  • Side Stitched Border

  • Turnable Head-to-Foot only

  • National Bed Federation Approved


Our Mayfair bed is available in 4 different fabrics, all with different styles and effects. Combined with the 14 colours we have available, there is a style for everyone through one of our many combinations. As all our beds are made to order, you can completely customise your beautiful bed perfectly before we start making it.

For fabric options, choose from linen, naple, plush velvet and crushed velvet. Our velvet options pair with this bed perfectly, enhancing the luxury feel and reflecting light beautifully, no matter the colour. For a more durable and hard wearing option, consider our linen range, with striking looks in a range of colours. Finally, our naple fabric offers a good balance between softness and durability, with a light and fluffy woollen texture that is both hardwearing and luxurious.

Whatever fabric and colour options you choose, this bed will add timeless, classical style to any bedroom.


This classical bed is available in 5 sizes, all handmade to order from our UK factory based in West Yorkshire. It is available in the following sizes:

3ft Single, 4ft Small Double, 4ft 6 in Double, 5ft King Size, 6ft Super King

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